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This year’s trends have been a riot, and—let’s be honest—what would fashion be without a regular revolution? From unbounded colors to chunky, over-the-top statement pieces, jewelry designs have never been more liberated.

And while no one's arguing against fashion freedom, we’re here to make the case for dainty necklaces. Sometimes, less really is more—and that’s a bit of lore that will never go out of style. So, don’t discount dainty necklaces.

Whether decked with a dainty chain necklace that evanesces in the light or put together with a played-down dainty pendant that makes you feel centered, you can still make a compelling impact on your overall look with any simple dainty necklace.

Gemstone Necklace - Sigrid

For the Principessa

Sigrid Gemstone Necklace

The Sigrid Gemstone Necklace is quite a gem. The regal-looking crystalline necklace features hand-cut gemstones that really shimmer. The gemstone of your choice—citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, or blue topaz—is enclosed in a subtle yet majestic gold bezel setting that loops over a svelte cable chain, to create this dainty gemstone necklace fit for a ballroom.

But, don’t be intimidated by the grand impression of this necklace. Sigrid is a versatile piece that is also gentle and feminine enough to spruce up your daily wear.

Disc Necklace - Mari

For the Adventurer

Mari Disc Necklace

If you're looking to give an understated edge to your look as you explore the world, we vote for the Mari Disc Necklace—a dainty gold necklace that’s sure to cut a dash!

The sleek miniature gold-coin medallion strung on a classic cable chain is the ultimate minimal-chic look to accompany you on your travels.

Mari is stylish, nonchalant, and great for layering.

Pearl Necklace Sara

For the Enchantress

Sara Pearl Necklace

This quixotic piece is like a sliver of moonlight in form and essence. The Sara Pearl Necklace is a dainty pearl necklace consisting of a curved gold or silver line, reminiscent of a crescent moon, holding a pearl drop that seems to roll down the crescent, suspended, as if by magic.

This romantic piece is truly unique and guaranteed to make your wardrobe more enchanting.

Heart Necklace

For the Pixie

Heart Necklace

A sweet and simple piece, this dainty charm necklace features an asymmetrical heart-shaped charm, dangling from a sparkling chain. Our Heart Necklace is all that’s needed to bring out your inner pixie—and add a bit of youthful spirit to your style.

You’re never too old to be young at heart, and the shape of this heart is the perfect combination of elegance and girlish whim.

Figaro Chain

For the Femme Fatale

Lillesand Figaro Chain Necklace

Our Lillesand Figaro Chain Necklace is quite the knockout. Small and dangerously charming, the ornate pattern of the Figaro chain—an elongated oval always followed by three smaller circles—is sure to turn heads.

Lillesand is a classic dainty necklace that is great for layering. With a name inspired by the opera, the lilting chain has a subtlety that can be stunning… just like the femme fatale who wears it.

Take a glimpse at all of our divine dainty necklaces from our Dainty Necklace Collection page!


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