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Deciding between Silver and Gold Toned Jewelry | Linjer Jewelry

Just like day and night, gold and silver are opposites that always seem to go together.

Because both silver and gold are inherently valuable, easily malleable, safe for the skin, and long-lasting, they are the most common metals used for making quality jewelry, treasured by jewelry wearers over the world.

Some women love the sunny gleam of gold, while others prefer the moonlit luster of silver. And, some of us are simply undecided.

Linda silver and gold braid rings

While you definitely don’t have to choose between team gold and team silver, there are a few tips you can keep in mind if you’ve ever asked “what color jewelry should I wear?".

Linjer’s list of “gold or silver?” tips includes the following four considerations:

  1. What complements your coloring?
  2. What complements your wardrobe?
  3. What complements the design of the piece
  4. What are you most drawn to?


It’s no secret that we wear jewelry as an extension of our natural beauty—to feel radiant. And, even though it’s not a strict rule, the right jewelry tone can give you an added glow, while an unfitting tone might make you look washed out.

Generally speaking, if your skin has a cool undertone, silver jewelry will bring out your natural blush. On the other hand, solid gold or gold vermeil jewelry, like these Sissel Hoops—a pair of thick gold vermeil earrings— can give warm undertones a boosted shimmer.

Sissel hoop earrings gold

How do you know your undertone? There are a few different ways to figure it out. You can check your veins on the underside of your wrist; veins show up as blueish through cool skin types and greenish through warm skin types.

You can also throw on a white t-shirt or hold a sheet of paper to your face. Doing so will either accentuate the cool tones of your skin—think blueberries and raspberries—or the warm tones—think mangos, olives, and pumpkins.

There are a few people with a more neutral undertone, who can easily switch between gold and silver. That said, no matter your skin’s undertone, you can wear both gold and silver jewelry by using your clothing to complement your natural coloring—which brings us to our next point.


Your clothing is a significant factor when it comes to picking out pieces for your jewelry collection. Once again, temperature comes into play. If the whole idea of warm and cool still feels confusing, there is one very simple rule.

If a color veers more towards blue, it’s cool. If a color veers more towards orange, it’s warm. Just keep in mind that there are cool oranges like a deep red-orange and warm blues like a vibrant teal blue.

So, if your closet is full of warm tones, gold toned jewelry is going to harmonize and can serve to tie your outfits together with subtlety. Silver toned jewelry on the other hand, such as a simple sterling silver necklace like our Mari Disc Necklace, is going to stand out. That same logic applies in reverse for cool toned wardrobes.

Mari Disc necklace silver

The great thing here is that, if you really love the jewelry tone that least complements your natural coloring, you can use your clothing to your advantage.

For example, warm skin types can get away with a touch of silver jewelry and still look radiant by wearing mostly warm-toned clothing palettes. And, cool skin types can easily wear gold pieces as long they wear clothing that complements their coloring.


Another interesting factor to take into consideration when buying jewelry, is the design of the piece of jewelry itself.

Sterling silver jewelry or gold vermeil can either blend in with or highlight the other aspects of the design, such as engravings or gemstones.

For example, the 14k solid gold band on our Diamond Eternity Ring, really makes the diamonds pop.

Diamond eternity ring 14k solid gold

Similarly, the gold vermeil band on our Olivia Eternity Ring highlights the white topaz gemstones, whereas the sterling silver band harmonizes with them.

Olivia eternity ring silver

Personal Draw

Last but certainly not least, is personal draw. So, ask yourself which jewelry tone you're most drawn to. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that leaning into your personal taste is the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing between gold jewelry and silver jewelry.

If you go ga-ga for gold, then by all means, wear gold. And, if silver makes your smile, then let silver jewelry suit your style.

Silver baroque pearl necklace and rings

So, most importantly listen to your heart, and shop our stunning jewelry—silver or gold—in our Jewelry Collection!


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