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Essential Jewelry Pieces You Need in Your Collection | Linjer Jewelry

This generation is tipping its cap to capsule closets because quality-over-quantity is the look of the times. Instead of tossing out subpar items month after month, women want to invest in finely crafted jewelry essentials that they can build a wardrobe relationship with year after year.

That’s why Linjer offers only timeless jewelry—while our pieces wink at what’s trendy, our premium materials and dateless designs will keep you looking stunning as your style evolves.

Pearl Necklaces

When curating a capsule closet, there are a few defining characteristics: you want pieces that are occasion flexible, easily mix-and-matchable, made to last, and, most importantly, a reflection of you.

At Linjer, we think pearls are four for four: A pearl necklace can just as easily go casual as it can dress up. Pearls are queen of layering because they are never dated. And, even if you think you’re not a pearl person, we’re willing to bet that we have just the piece for you.

You can peruse our Pearl Necklaces collection to find the pieces that you’ll love. Our string-of-pearl necklaces are both classic and contemporary, but you might prefer a romantic single pearl necklace like this Baroque Pearl Pendant—a suspended drop of moonlight.

Baroque pearl necklace

Gold Chain Necklaces

Gold chain necklaces are the quintessential capsule closet item. The right chain will go everywhere with you and do everything for your look, great for those who don’t like to wear much and don’t have time to style.

Each of our delicate gold chains are so charmingly lightweight; you’ll hardly notice they're there. They will become an extension of you, adding just a touch of class and polish to your outfits.

But, don’t be lured into thinking that all dainty chains are the same. A closer look reveals some stunning differences—like the slightly edgy box chain or the elven franco chain.

Our Leknes Singapore Chain Necklace is a beautiful iteration of interlocking links that naturally spin on themselves to catch the light. Check out all of our classy Gold Chain Necklaces to find your favorite golden accomplice.

Leknes Singapore Chain Necklace

Stud Earrings

No wardrobe would be complete without stud earrings. For anyone with pierced ears, you know that your studs are your go-tos. Sure, it’s fun to wear some statement dangles or major hoops now and then. But, when you’re on the go, studs are the way to go.

Studs are a subtle way to add some personality to your outfit. So, we like to keep a variety of styles in our Stud Earrings collection—from classic choices like gold stud earrings and diamond stud earrings to something with a bit more character. Take these Selma Leaf Earrings, featuring two tiny marquise-cut gemstones reminiscent of falling leaves.

Selma Leaf Earrings

Statement Rings

Maybe you didn’t expect to see statement jewelry on the list, but let us make the case for why statement rings are an ideal capsule closet item. Sometimes a girl just needs to be expressive.

But, bold earrings can be cumbersome, oversized bracelets get in your way, and with necklaces, you have to think about that neckline. Plus, with statement jewelry, you usually have to worry about it actually matching your outfit.

Rings are somehow the chameleon of statement jewelry. They magically transform to complement whatever you’re wearing, and they're great for layering—two hallmarks of a perfect capsule closet item.

So the question is not whether your capsule closet should have Statement Rings—it’s whether you like gold statement rings, or gemstone rings, or colorful rings, etc. You might like Elisabeth, our especially stunning vintage statement ring featuring a beautiful mother-of-pearl medallion encircled by a glittering gold braid.

Statement rings - vintage mother of pearl elisabeth ring

Stacking Rings

Of course, the best way to layer statement rings is with Stacking Rings. A stack ring can be anything from a glossy gold band to a textured geometric ring to pavé diamonds. If you prefer a more played-down look, you can do a stack-rings-only look with a gold stacking ring set. Or, wear a stackable gemstone ring, like Ilse, on its own.

Just remember, simple stacking rings add a glimmer of polish that will effortlessly elevate your look.

Ilse gemstone ring

When we select versatile, high-quality pieces that never go out of style, we get to build a relationship with our jewelry year after year, creating new looks and new memories.

No more throw-away jewelry. Your favorite pieces should accompany you, like your cherished romantic date necklace or those stud earrings that always boost your confidence.

That’s why building a capsule jewelry collection is good for the environment, good for your wallet, and meaningful to you.


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