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Necklaces are such a simple way to elevate your style and express yourself. Adding trending necklace styles to your collection is a great way to refresh your look.

When you shop at Linjer, you know you’re getting high-quality materials and timeless designs. So, you can incorporate popular necklaces into your collection and rest assured that they’ll complement your future wardrobe.

Let’s look at some classic necklace styles that will help you define your style.

Chain Necklaces

Looking to add some sophistication to your style? Chain necklaces are classic and always on point. They’ll polish any outfit, and there are so many different types of chains—simple, elaborate, delicate, chunky, gold, silver, long, short—sophistication comes in many forms.

Singapore chain necklace leknes

Our Leknes Singapore Chain has a thin chain with an elaborate weave that twists on itself to catch the light just so. This sparkling piece comes in gold or silver and three adjustable lengths, making it great for layering.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces can range from casual to elegant, but there’s always something a bit romantic about them—about how the pendant itself, a tiny work of art dangles from it’s chain.

Gaia boho necklace

Whether a delicate charm or bold gemstone, we love how pendants can express something about you. Take our Gaia Boho Necklace, a whimsical gold vermeil necklace featuring a sun emblazoned medallion for free spirits with golden dreams.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a fashion icon in and of themselves, and they are definitely trending right now. If you haven’t given a pearls a chance, maybe it’s time to take a second glance. Pearls can come in layers, full strings, spaced strings, pendants, and chokers.

Astrid pearl necklace

A pearl necklace will instantly bring your style game to the next level. Our Astrid Pearl Necklace is a high collar necklace or semi-choker with a cheeky t-clasp that can be worn at the front of back of the neck. The perfect blend of elegance and verve.

Personalized Necklaces

Usually in the form the form of a pendant, a personalized necklace—like an initial necklace or a birthstone necklace—is a playful way show off your style. Personalized necklaces can be anything from your name to your zodiac sign.

Chinese zodiac pendant necklace

Linjer has a variety unique zodiac charm necklaces, including our graceful Chinese Zodiac Pendants. You can don the beautiful calligraphy of your birth sign or that of someone you love.

Tennis Necklaces

Upscale and understated, the tennis necklace is another classic style. This type of necklace is characterized by it’s crisp high collar and endless row of diamonds.

Tennis necklace in sterling silver

If you want to create classy looks that you can wear everyday, Linjer's Tennis Necklace—a stunning sterling silver necklace featuring diamond-bright cubic zirconia—is a must. This is necklace that can be layered or just as easily stand alone.

From classy to casual, find your personal favorite necklace styles on ur Necklaces Collection page!


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