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Closely related to the beloved round pearl, baroque pearls are known for their irregular shape and iridescent luster. One-of-a-kind and completely unique, no two baroque pearls are exactly the same.

Learn how these mesmerizing pearls form, their characteristics, and how to style them.

How Are Baroque Pearls Formed?

Baroque Pearl Necklace with prop background

These organic gemstones come from freshwater mollusks found in Asia and South America, though they’ve also been harvested from clamshells or oysters. Baroque pearls are formed when an irritant enters a mollusk, which later becomes the nucleus. Then, the mollusk creates layers of nacre, known as mother-of-pearl, around its nucleus as it matures. Over time, this process makes the pearl grow into its unique shape.

While baroque pearls form naturally, nowadays they’re commonly cultured — a cultured pearl is produced in controlled conditions by humans versus growing on its own. However, cultured pearls are just as stunning as natural baroque pearls. Because baroque pearls are more common than traditional, round pearls, they tend to be a more affordable option for jewelry.

Shapes & Characteristics of Baroque Pearls

Ingrid Baroque Pearl Bracelet on finger

Baroque pearls are asymmetrical and rarely perfectly round, making them distinctive and beautiful. These natural gemstones are found in many different shapes, including:

  • BIWA - These baroque pearls are long and thin.
  • Coin - Known for their smooth, round, and flat appearance.
  • Heart - Shaped like a heart, these baroque pearls are flat.
  • Teardrop - These pearls form a teardrop silhouette.
  • Rice - Shaped like rice, these pearls are often stacked side-by-side.

These one-of-a-kind gems are formed in a rainbow of colors, from whites and blacks to pinks and lavenders. Some baroque pearls are very smooth, while others are wavy or irregular.The non-uniform texture is created by the mollusk releasing uneven nacre around its nucleus.

Are Baroque Pearls Durable?

These pearls have a relatively thick nacre coating, making them more durable than perfectly symmetrical freshwater pearls, which have a thinner nacre coating. Because of their durability, baroque pearl earrings and necklaces are a great choice for day-to-day wear. As with any pearl jewelry, avoid bumping your pearl jewelry and always store it in a soft pouch to protect the pearl.

3 Ways to Style Your Baroque Pearl Jewelry

From the office to date night, discover three different ways to style your pearls for every occasion.

  1. Add a hint of glamour to your workwear. In a business setting, pearls are a classic choice for a timeless, sophisticated look. Pair a white blouse with your favorite blazer, then layer our Baroque Pearl Necklace in silver or gold vermeil.
    Baroque Pearl Necklace around neck
  2. Create an elegant look for a cocktail party. Style a little black dress with our Ingrid Pearl Necklace, faux fur stole, and your favorite pumps. 
    Baroque Pearl Necklace Ingrid
  3. Elevate your go-to t-shirt and favorite pair of jeans. Wear our Eva Pearl Bracelet or Mathilde Pearl Drop Earrings to dress up your everyday classics.
    Mathilde Pearl Drop Earrings on ear

If you're looking for a unique, natural gemstone that stands out from the crowd, baroque pearls are a perfect choice. Discover our entire collection of pearl jewelry, featuring baroque pearl jewelry in different shapes and sizes. Or, learn why pearl jewelry is trending this year and how to incorporate it into your jewelry collection.


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