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As leaves of yellow, orange, and brown tumble through the crisp November breeze, perhaps an autumnal glow-up is on your mind. Linjer’s citrine jewelry collection has got you covered!

Adored Through the Ages

Citrine Baguette Gemstone Ring on plain background

A gemstone admired for thousands of years, the citrine crystal was used to make talismans in ancient Egypt, and in ancient Greece, ornate images were carved into these gemstones. Citrine—from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon—is a translucent yellow Quartz, ranging in color from pale yellow through to deep orange, and even yellow-green hues in between.

Known for their uplifting healing properties, citrine benefits include easing anxiety, supporting emotional balance, increasing optimism, and elevating self-esteem through the gem’s ability to cleanse and deflect negative energies.

As the birthstone for November, citrine remains a widely popular golden gemstone to brighten any wintery day. Read our Citrine Meaning Blog to learn more about how this gemstone’s healing properties truly make citrine jewels a ray of sunshine in crystal form!

November Sunrise

Citrine Gemstone November Birthstone

Our Citrine November Birthstone Necklace makes for the perfect personalized piece or gift for a loved one born in November to give them a little autumnal glow! This vibrant yellow citrine gemstone on a refined chain-link necklace embodies classic elegance and versatility, easily complementing a wide range of aesthetics—from cottagecore to dark academia, from casual to chic.

The textured edging of the citrine birthstone’s mount makes this necklace pair well with textured fabrics, like tweed jackets, pleated skirts, and ruffle-collared shirts. For an added bonus, wearing this necklace means that you will capture the natural citrine healing properties close to your heart.

Radiating Glamor

Citrine Gemstone and Cubic Zirconia Baguette ring on finger

Harness the sparkle of the sun amid the stars! The Citrine Ring - Sofia is a radiant 5-stone ring featuring alternating citrine stones and cubic zirconia gems. This ring adds a touch of glamor for any occasion, pairing beautifully with warm tones, such as an elegant red dress for a romantic dinner date, and equally alluring paired with your favorite little black dress to hit the town for a night out. Yet, the simplicity of this ring’s classic style makes it versatile enough to add a little glowing cheer to everyday neutral tones and smart-casual wear.

Sunlight Sonata

Citrine Gemstone Earrings flat lay

Our Sigrid jewelry collection in Citrine will let you shine brightly amongst the crowd, whether you wear them together as a set or as individual pieces. The Sigrid Citrine Necklace and Sigrid Citrine Bracelet both feature a luminous bezel-set citrine on a delicate square-link chain. Our Sigrid Citrine Earrings provide the exquisite pièce-de-résistance to top off the look: single drop earrings featuring hand-cut citrine gemstones. Whether you’re going for a look that is arty, bohemian, or classy, this sunny trio makes the perfect statement set to synthesize your style.

Citrus Daze

Ring Set Citrine & White Topaz - Charlotte & Ilse on finger

And, if you like a citrine jewelry set, you’ll love Charlotte and Ilse, our Ring Set Citrine and White Topaz—a celestial pair made of gold vermeil and full of citrus glow. The uniquely shaped white topaz gemstones on the Ilse ring reflect and highlight the sunny orange hue of Charlotte’s baguette-cut citrine gemstone, creating a deliciously golden vibe that will keep you in a cheery mood all day.

Head on over to our Citrine Jewelry collection page to find our full range of fabulous pieces to choose from. Our citrine pieces add effortless elegance to any outfit, whilst raising your mood, too!


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