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Style Bracelets for Any Occasion | Linjer Jewelry

Bracelets have the ability to accentuate your aesthetic and essentially set the tone for your look.

What we’ve always loved about bracelets, in particular, is how they can convey movement. As you gesture and express yourself, your bracelet moves in unison with you. It’s like an extension of your energy.

Each bracelet, whether it's a silver bracelet, or a gemstone bracelet, or anything in between, has its own feel that can really put you in the right mood and add the perfect touch to make your outfit on-point. When you pick it up, you just know.

Here, we’ve paired a few of our most versatile pieces together with a bit of inspiration on how to style bracelets for any occasion.

Pearl Bracelet - Ingrid

Ingrid Pearl Bracelet

A modern twist on the classic string of pearls, this pearl bracelet is a statement piece that’s bound to turn some heads. Ten lustrous baroque pearls are interspersed with miniature gold or silver beads that all come together with a loopy cable chain and a classic clasp. The adjustable lengths will let you play around with the fit—a loose dangle or a wrist hug.

This piece has a feel that is both bold and elegant, modern and classic. We love the Ingrid Pearl Bracelet for any occasion that calls for something sumptuous—pull out this piece for special occasions, like opening night at the theater or an important date. It’s guaranteed to dress up any outfit.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

Made in the spirit of a diamond tennis bracelet, Linjer’s Tennis Bracelet is another versatile piece that will add a sense of stateliness to your wrist. Crafted from approachable cubic zirconia and gold vermeil, this is a classic tennis bracelet design that features multiple lengths, allowing you to choose how you want to wear it.

The remarkable versatility of this bracelet allows for it to be worn in various settings—you can literally take a tennis bracelet all the way from the tennis courts to an upscale dinner event. It’s the perfect combination of understated and luxurious. Its clean lines and simplicity also allow it to be stacked with other bracelets, either as the anchoring piece or as a supporting bracelet.

All that to say, we love to let this piece shine on its own.

Double Chain Bracelet

Kjersti Double Chain Bracelet

While some chain bracelets are boring, the Kjersti Double Chain Bracelet is anything but! A Saturn chain—that is a cute curb chain with evenly spaced, rounded beads—creates a bit of visual interest, while still remaining effortlessly chill for a range of daily day-to-day activities.

This simple piece is the ideal everyday bracelet. It already looks layered, and still, it can be styled with other bracelets to create an appealing arrangement that goes with any outfit!

The double chain comes in both gold vermeil for added glow and sterling silver for extra shimmer. Style Kjersti with anything fun, comfortable, and lighthearted that you can wear to brunch, a picnic, or the farmer's market.

Chain Bracelet

Chain Bracelet

This gold bracelet for women may be another version of a Chain Bracelet, but it’s also worthy to be called arm candy. The big oval paper clip chain links drawn together by a T-toggle definitely say “hello”!

This chain also comes in your choice of gold or silver at varying lengths. Whether you want a tight squeeze that really pops or a loose droop that sways as you move and dance, this piece is the perfect finishing touch to your night out!

What are you waiting for? Channel your mood, refine your look, and step up your style for all sorts of occasions with all the stylish assorted bracelets on our Bracelet Collection page!


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