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No matter who pops the question, an engagement is a special milestone in your relationship. When you know you want to take a potentially lifelong step with your significant other, it’s worth commemorating in a symbolic way.

Of course, the engagement ring as a representation of love and commitment is a time-honored custom, but just because engagement rings themselves are traditional doesn’t mean you have to wear traditional engagement ring styles.

Lilly Luxe 14k Gold Solitaire Ring

We love that the current generation is breaking out of its bezel-setting in favor of non-traditional gemstone engagement rings that really do break the mold.

Just like there are unique ways to approach marriage, there are some unique—and dare we say stunning—styles of engagement rings that are inspiring “newly-engageds” to ditch the emblematic solitaire diamond, which as it turns out is a more recent tradition than you might think.

Peruse our curated bulletin of non-traditional engagement rings to spark your imagination.

The Stargazer’s Ring

Evocative of the starry sky, the constellation-shaped Aurora Gemstone Ring will brighten the ring finger of any star-crossed lover.

The uniquely cut white topaz gemstones are sweepingly set in your choice of gold vermeil or sterling silver to create this sparkling non-diamond engagement ring, a lovely choice for anyone with dreams as big as the night sky.

Aurora Gemstone Ring

The Heroine’s Ring

Another of our nature inspired engagement rings—The Freya Leaf Ring—is so named for the brave Nordic goddess of love and beauty as well as a Nordic flower.

The wreath shape of this dazzling gold marquise engagement ring symbolizes victory, perfect for the heroine in your life.

Freya Leaf Ring

The Trailblazer’s Ring

If you do decide on a diamond engagement ring, you can still select something with an unexpected cut and shape, like our sensationally unique Ilse Luxe Diamond Ring, featuring four distinctively shaped conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, set in 14k solid gold that accentuates the organic shape of each stone.

This trendsetting piece is a must for anyone with an innovative spirit.

Ilse Luxe Diamond Ring

The Philosopher’s Ring

Who says you can’t get engaged with color? The rich blue of this solitaire engagement ring—The Lilly Luxe 14k Gold Solitaire Ring—is the quintessence of minimalist engagement rings, a simple 14k gold band featuring a single London blue topaz gem set by four chic prongs.

The deep hue of this striking gemstone evokes a serene, meditative feel befitting someone who likes to ponder big sentiments and ideas.

Lilly Luxe 14k Gold Solitaire Ring

Wondering how much to spend on an engagement ring? The touchstone is yours to decide. It can be totally worth it to pay for a work of art made from precious gems. But, we also get that couples today are savvy about where they want to allocate their funds, often preferring a wealth of wellness and experience to markers of wealth.

A one-of-a-kind engagement ring that represents your beloved’s unique personality is worth its weight in diamonds. At Linjer, we think gorgeous and affordable make a great pair. That’s why we’ve put together our Unique Engagement Rings Collection page, with spectacular engagement rings at various price points, so you really can have your wedding cake and eat it too.


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