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Earring Sets: Our Top Picks | Linjer Jewelry

Whether you're looking to add a little sparkle to your everyday look or want to make a statement for a special occasion, a great set of earrings can do wonders. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start!

Pre-curated earring sets are a hassle-free way to look stylish on the go. From trendy hoops earring sets to multi piercing earrings sets, these styles are sure to have you feeling your best, without the stress!

Multi Piercing Earrings Set

Earring Sets - Ear Stack Set

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of curated ear piercings… Well, say hello to our curated multi piercing earrings set!

Earring sets can work together in different ways. An earring set for multiple piercings often features an Ear Stack Set of three earrings that decrease in size so they can climb up your ear. These multi piercing earrings sets usually also harmonize stylistically—maybe the earrings are made from the same metal, have the same geometric shape, or share a motif.

Also, you don’t have to have three piercings. You can wear two at a time or try a set that includes an ear cuff for extra flexibility! 

Our Ear Stack Set, for example, has a starry sky theme that features white topaz earrings in the form of a gemstone encrusted huggie earring, a sleek ear cuff (no cartilage piercing necessary), and a dainty star stud earring. The earring cuff can easily be styled on the helix, though we’ve seen it playfully worn on the conch by some customers as well! Regardless of the placement, this multi piercing earrings set is a hassle-free way to look chic and stylish. 

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Hoop Earring Set 

Earring Sets-14k Gold Hoop Earrings Set


Another classic earring set is the hoop earring set! As adolescent teens, we’ve all played around with cheap hoop earrings that made us feel grown up. Well…you’re all grown up now, it’s time to graduate to something a little more substantial! Treat yourself (or a loved one) to our luxurious 14k Gold Hoop Earring Set.

This set—featuring three sleek gold hoops (diameters measuring at 25mm, 18mm, and 10mm)—looks super cute stacked up your lobes. Thanks to its 14k solid gold composition, we can promise you that this hoop earring set will last for many years to come, if not forever.

Maybe on Thursday, your outfit calls for demure huggies earrings, but by Friday, you’re ready to flash those statement hoops—after all, you’ve got plans after work. This hoop earring set is perfect for the woman who wants to look chic and put together without spending hours coordinating her accessories.

Looking for a just-as-timeless yet more affordable alternative? No problem—we have you covered with our Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings Set (30mm, 20mm, 12mm)—which comes in sterling silver too!

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Huggie Earring Set 

Earring Sets-Gold Huggie Earrings Set

Our classy Gold Huggie Earrings Set is the perfect stylized set to help you create some glamorous going-out looks—or to spruce up your casual and office wear.

This gold huggie earring set features our Huggie Hoop Earrings - Eva and Pearl Huggie Earrings - Kirsten. The Eva’s are petite gold vermeil huggie earrings encrusted with white topaz stones. They’ll give your workwear a certain sparkle, and they’ll definitely complement your little-black-dresses. The Kirsten’s feature gold huggie earrings adorned with petite freshwater pearl drops. These earrings are a testament to everyday fine jewelry that offer a timeless elegance to any outfit.

P.S. If you have double piercings and are brave enough for a sophisticated yet bohemian vibe, stack the Eva and Kirsten’s together!

Shop our Gold Huggie Earring Set Now!

When it comes to earring sets, your imagination is the limit. For a personalised look, you can create your own fabulous earring combinations from our Earrings Collection page! But, if you’re unsure where to start, our earring sets are a no-hassle way to deck your ears and “sparkle” your imagination.


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