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Styling Pearls for Every Occasion | Linjer Jewelry

We’ve all heard the saying, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Yet, we tend to agree with author and fashion icon Genevieve Antoine Dariaux that “there is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody… appropriate for almost any occasion.”

Could this be the reason for the recent coup d’état in the jewelry world known as pearlcore?

Hoop Earrings with Pearl - Rebecca

Pearlcore is a whole jewelry attitude that nods to cottagecore, a burgeoning lifestyle aesthetic all about celebrating the enchantment of the everyday found all around us, at home and in nature.

And, what other gemstone evokes the same soft, natural magic of the pearl? What other jewel is enchanting enough to grace ballrooms and demure enough to wear everyday?

If your interest in these versatile wonders of nature is piqued, learn about their different forms and origins in our post about “Why You Need Pearls in 2022”!

Pearls come in different shapes and colors, which is just another reason they can be styled in so many different ways for so many personalities.

1. Simply Chic

Baroque Pearl Necklace

For the minimalist.

Every less-is-more kind of gal knows how to make a statement out of the understated. Minimalism likes to dress up, just as much as it likes to dress down. Either way, you can slip on a freshwater pearl necklace or bracelet that features a single baroque-shaped pearl, like our Baroque Pearl Necklace, or spartanly spaced, miniature pearls, like the Pearl Bracelet – Eva.

2. Life on the Edge

Hoop with Pearls - Rebecca

For the non-conformist.

What kind of pearls go with leather? If you want edgier, non-traditional pearls to complete your look, consider going with a dark Tahitian pearl or a deep burgundy pearl from the Sea of Cortez. In case you still prefer the creamy whites, a modern statement piece like the Hoop Earrings with Pearl - Rebecca will go great with your leather jacket.

3. Boho Muse

Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings - Adriana

For the individualist.

If you're a free-spirit who appreciates the fact that every pearl—just like every soul—is unique. You’ll love jewelry that features the organic, free-form shapes of Keshi pearls (pearls formed by mollusks who march to the beat of their own drum) such as our Keshi Pearl Earrings – Adriana.

4. Evening Elegance

Pearl Necklace - Celine

For the romanticist.

Some of us prefer elegant pieces that will give you that classy, put-together look, á la Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. Whether donning a little black dress or full-on gown, a classic pearl choker necklace or a pearl-crystal combination like the Pearl Necklace - Celine or the Pearl Drop Earrings - Karin are sure to add a bit of romance to your attire.

5. La Quotidienne

Pearl Stud Earrings - Lea

For the pragmatist.

When you have a soft-spot for pearls, and need something you can wear any (or every) day of the week, earrings are your best bet. Because they’re not close to your hands, like a ring or bracelet, you can wear earrings day-in and day-out without worrying about damaging the pearls. For this look, we love the Pearl Stud Earrings - Lea, a classic choice that goes with just about everything.

As Ki Hackney, founder of Style Magazine so aptly stated: “you can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.”

In this day and age, most of us have more than one best friend, so feel free to be besties with all the pearls on our Pearls Collection page.


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